A Running List of Things I Would Report if Comedy had an HR Department:

Things I would report if comedy had an HR department:

(In chronological order)

(2014) The drunk male comic who mistook me trying to get him to sober up for flirting and ended up putting his hands up my dress to touch my crotch and the female comic who told me "You just have to avoid him."

(2014) The comic who whispered perverted things in my ear before I went on at a mic and when I called him out on-stage, whispered even worse things into my phone, recording over my set.

(2015) The club owner who always touched my lower back or thigh when he talked to me, depending on whether we were sitting or standing.

(2015) Whoever roofied the drinks at the house show I used to run (because the police didn't take it seriously).

(2015) The man who tried to film up my dress while I was onstage & his friend who fought me when I took his phone to delete the videos.

(2016) The show-runner who paid the two men I was traveling with but not me even though we all did the same amount of time.

(2017) The male comic who sexually assaulted me in my own bed & the female comedian who told our peers that my assault was fake.

(2017) The show-runner who told me that I "just didn't know him" when I said his kisses hello made me uncomfortable. (Which, by the way, was exactly why I was asking him to stop.)