Open Mic Burnout is REAL

It is physically, mentally and emotionally draining to rush through traffic, find parking and wait around to signup for the chance to wait around some more and listen to other people talk for hours before you get a turn, which sometimes not one single person is paying attention to because it is after midnight.
So much of comedy is about just being around and I understand that the pressure to be out is HUGE but you can't let it dictate how you do comedy.
My own experience with it has taught me the following:

-You will get better if you stay home at least one night a week to listen to your old sets and write down what worked and rewrite what didn't. 
-You will have more jokes to tell if you just go out and observe the world. Go do a non-comedy activity so you have something interesting to say! 
-You will have more energy the next night if you stay home quietly watching your favorite tv show and fall asleep on the couch by 10PM once in a while.

-You will not get better if you're running the same undeveloped 5 minutes 6 nights a week. 
-You will not have anything interesting to say if all of your experiences are at the same open mics with the same 30 people. 
-You will not have the energy to be a positive and supportive part of a show if you are exhausted and bored. The most bitter person in the room is rarely the funniest.

If you ever feel like you need a break from mics but can't let go of the idea that you need to go put in face time somewhere- go watch a show. And I mean REALLY watch it, you will learn from the people who are booked and chances are, hanging out there will get you booked one day too.